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Pasadena Injury Attorney & Glendale Auto Accident Lawyer Handling Personal Injury Cases

Helping Los Angeles County accident victims and their families since 1994

At Tedford & Associates, we are devoted to assisting personal injury accident victims in Pasadena, Glendale and all of Los Angeles County. Our goal is to recover full and fair compensation from the negligent party who harmed  you.

Our firm offers the following:

  • Experience. Since 1994, we have handled hundreds of cases, including more than 50 trials. Well-known and respected by our peers, the firm often receives referrals from other injury lawyers.
  • Personal attention. We are accessible 24/7, because we know how critical it is to reach an accident attorney as soon as possible after you’ve been injured. You have a lot of questions you need answered. At Tedford & Associates, you receive personal service. After we decide to work together, you deal with your Pasadena & Glendale injury lawyer directly.
  • Local knowledge. James R. Tedford II is a native Californian, born, raised and educated in the San Gabriel Valley. We’ve practiced law here for nearly two decades. This translates to knowledge of local courts.
  • Empathy. We offer a unique perspective for injury victims, because Attorney Tedford was one, too, having sustained a serious back injury requiring surgery years later after a car crash with an uninsured driver while in law school. We fully understand what you’re going through and are passionate about protecting your rights and pursuing compensation for the harm you suffered.
  • Multilingual service. We can speak with you in Spanish or Portuguese.

Taking on car, truck, and other motor vehicle accident cases

Serious injuries and fatalities can result from car crashes, motorcycle accidents and truck collisions. California ranks second for the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2010, the California Highway Patrol reported more than 229,000 motor vehicle collision injury victims and 2,739 deaths. We work with accident reconstructionists, safety engineers and medical professionals to determine exactly what happened, with the goal of getting you full and fair compensation for your injuries that covers past and future medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We focus on serious injury cases involving:

  • Car accidents. Throughout the United States in 2011, there were more than 5 million car accidents and more than 2 million injuries, according to the NHTSA.
  • Truck accidents. A passenger vehicle is no match against an 80,000-pound 18-wheeler. Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Motorcycle accidents. The NHTSA reported more than 80,000 injuries and more than 4,500 deaths from motorcycle crashes in 2011.
  • Bus accidents. Bus operators are governed by policies issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Nonetheless, there were nearly 1,200 bus accident injuries reported for California in 2010.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents. SUVs, vans, cars and trucks can strike a bicyclist or pedestrian at any time. The NHTSA reported 48,000 bicyclist injuries and 677 fatalities in 2011.

Aiding victims of dog bites and other incidents resulting in serious personal injuries

If you were bitten by a dog or other animal because the owner of the pet failed to protect the public, you deserve compensation for your injuries. We also work with victims of products liability, premises liability, construction accidents, police misconduct and medical malpractice. And if your baby suffered a birth injury caused by negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need now and in the future to care for your child.

Providing compassionate wrongful death representation

If your loved one was killed because of another person’s negligence, Tedford & Associates can help. We can file a wrongful death claim and employ investigative methods to determine the facts of the case. While we can’t bring back your loved one, we can bring the responsible party to justice and hold the individual or entity accountable for the action or inaction that caused the death.

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation

If you were seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence in the San Gabriel Valley or elsewhere in Los Angeles County, we can help. The office of Tedford & Associates is conveniently located just a few blocks south of the Pasadena Courthouse and Pasadena City Hall, just off the Foothill Freeway (Interstate 210). We offer free parking and are easily accessible by public bus and rail. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we can also schedule appointments for early mornings, evenings and weekends. Call us at 626.657.8854 or use our online contact form to arrange your free initial consultation. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis; you pay no attorney fee until we recover damages for you.

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